Laxmanjhula Divine Resort & Spa welcome you to a world of wellness and relaxation.

This is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of natural greenery and the sounds of nature and the river. Here you can experience the traditions and feelings of ayurveda the science of life.

Laxmanjhula Divine Resort & Spa is a health spa offering the best of Indian Ayurvedic healing therapies and also luxurious spa wraps and scrubs. For this purpose, it includes in its team the best technically qualified staff from Ayurveda and also experienced staff from the spa industry. The specialist team of Ayurveda Laxmanjhula Divine Resort & Spa has developed a diverse programme of different cures that address various problems, such as excessive stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and age-related phenomena.

The Ayurvedic repertoire at the Laxmanjhula Divine Resort & Spa includes exotic treatments like the world famous Shirodhara, Kizhi (hot compress with linen bun), Pizhichil (warm oil bath), Abhyangam (full body rejuvenation). There are also elaborate skin wraps and scrubs based on ancient Indian skin recipes like the Sandalwood scrub, Sesame and orange body buff, Ancient Indian honey and sandalwood wrap.

Apart from this the spa also offers custom-made therapies for the weary traveler like the hasta padaabhyangam which is the Ayurvedic hand and feet reflexology and also the jet lag massage to soothe tired muscles from long flights.

The main objective at the Laxmanjhula Divine Resort & Spa is to provide the guests with the most authentic spa experience in terms of technique as well as luxury.

You may also ask for custom made packages at the spa during your stay for maximum benefits from the spa.

The team at the Laxmanjhula Divine Resort & Spa consists of skilled and experienced Ayurveda practitioners, Ayurveda specialists and Ayurveda therapists.

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